Risborough Hundred


Of the older Divisions, the Hundreds of Aylesbury, Risborough, & Stone formed the Three Hundreds of Aylesbury, containing 27 Parishes.

Risborough Hundred
The Hundred of Risborough contained the 4 Parishes of Bledlow, Horsenden, Monks Risborough, & Princes Risborough.

The Parishes contained in the other 2 Hundreds varied, however, at different times; in 1316 the Hundred of Aylesbury contained  the Parishes of Aston Clinton; Bierton with Broughton; Buckland; Ellesborough; Halton; Hulcott; Lee; Missenden, Gt Missenden, Lt Missenden; Stoke Mandeville with Hallinge; Weston Turville; Aylesbury with Walton; & Wendover.

Stone Hundred
The Hundred of Stone at 1316 contained Dinton, Haddenham with Cuddington, Great Hampden, Hartwell and Little Hampden, Great Kimble, Little Kimble, Stone, and UptonDinton Parish spread into the 2 Hundreds of Desborough and Ashendon, the Liberty of Moreton being in the former and Aston Mullin.

Grim’s Dyke or Ditch enters Bucks from Herts at the junction of Shire Lane with the Road to Layland’s Farm in Drayton Beauchamp; it continues in a South-Westerly direction, to a point a little North of King’s Ash, where it turns East of South to Woodlands Park, then curves round towards the West, descends the Hill, and is faintly visible as far as the Railway Line. From this point there is a gap of nearly 2 miles before it reappears in Oaken Grove, about 2/3rds of a mile South-East of Hampden House, where it runs in a North-Westerly direction: at its South-East extremity, there are 2 Moated Mounds.  The Dyke continues, with intervals, for about 1¼ miles, and then turns at right-angles in a South-Westerly direction through Monks Risborough & Princes Risborough to Lacey Green; there it turns to the South East, through Beamangreen and Park Woods, in Bradenham Parish, where it dies out. A similar work bearing the same name appears at the West end of the Chilterns near Nuffield in South Oxfordshire.  The course of the Dyke, which keeps chiefly to High Ground, may be followed without any great difficulty, except between Woodlands Park & Oaken Grove, where it is completely obliterated.  It consists of a single Rampart and a Ditch which, in general, lies South or South East of the Rampart. At its best, the Rampart is about 6ft above the bottom of the Ditch, which is 3ft below the Counter-Scarp and 40ft wide.s and Walldridge in the latter Hundred.

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