13 – Langtree Hundred


Contains the Parishes of Bix, Caversham, Harpsden, Henley-upon-Thames, Rotherfield Grays, Rotherfield Peppard, & Shiplake, with part of the Parish of Sonning. The area of the Hundred is about 23,000 acres.  Langtree is an Ancient Hundred in the South-East of the County of Oxfordshire established during the Anglo-Saxon era.  It was used to organise the Local Militia, apportion Taxes & Maintain Roads. It was especially important in apprehending Criminals and had a Hundred Court for Local Trials.  Since the end of the 19thC its functions have been assumed by other Divisions of Government.  It is currently dormant.

Local Oxfordshire Hundreds c.1808

The Hundred included the Ancient Parishes of: Checkendon, Crowmarsh Gifford, Goring-on-Thames, Ipsden, Mapledurham, Mongewell, Newnham Murren, North Stoke, Whitchurch-on-Thames.  The Hundred did not include the Parish of South Stoke, which was a detached part of Dorchester Hundred, surrounded by Langtree Hundred.

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Map of Oxford County
Surveyed by a local man, Richard Davis of Lewknor and published in 1797. This large Map consists of 16 Sheets at an impressively detailed Scale of 1:31,680 or 2in to 1-mile. No more than 200 copies were ever made, the evidence is based on all sets of the Map having manuscript Serial No.s – this Image is part of No.34.  Very few complete copies survive.  In terms of what the Map shows, a clear break has been made from the Saxton-led traditional County Map, as here far more detail than previously is featured. Not only are County and Hundred Boundaries, Rivers & Streams, Towns & Villages, Parks & Woodland depicted, but here we have Roads, Tracks, Hedges, indeed every Field can be seen, and relief is beautifully represented by the use of hachuresDavis was also Topographer to His Majesty, George III.

Hardwick HouseWhitchuch-on-Thames
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