Ashendon Hundred

Towersey Parish lies in the detached portion of Ashendon Hundred, situated in the Hundred of Aylesbury (in Bucks). Its area is 1200-acres, of the rateable value of £1685; and the Population now numbered 449. The Parish is bounded on the South & West by Oxfordshire.  The Village is small and stands 2-miles East of Thame. The old Railway Line now ‘transformed’ which ran from Wycombe to Oxford, passed through this place. Towersey was included with Kingsey under the common appellation of Eye.”

Ashendon Hundred

Containing The Parishes Of Ashendon; Aston Sandford; Boarstall; Brill; Chearsley; Chilton; East Claydon; Middle Claydon; Long Crendon; Dorton; Grandborough; Grendon Underwood; Hogshaw; Ickford; Ilmer; Kingsey; Ludgershall with Kingswood; Fleet Marston; North Marston; Oakley; Oving; Pitchcott; Quainton with Shipton Lee; Quarrendon; Shabbington; Towersey; Waddesdon with Westcott & Woodham Cott & Woodham; Lower or Nether Winchendon; Worminghall; Wotton Underwood;

Until the late 13th or early 14thCs the Hundred of Ashendon was divided into the 3-Hundreds of Ashendon, Ixhill & Waddesdon. The Hundred of Ashendon contained Ashendon, Chearsley, Grendon Underwood, Hogshaw, Ludgershall, Oving, Quainton, Winchendon & Wotton Underwood. The Hundred of Ixhill comprised Aston Sandford, Boarstall, Brill, Chilton, Long Crendon, Dorton, Ickford, Ilmer, Kingsey, Oakley, Shabbington, Towersey & Worminghall. The Hundred of Waddesdon included the Claydons, Grandborough, Fleet Marston, North Marston, Pitchcott, Quarrendon, Waddesdon & Woodham.

In 1086 Ashendon Hundred was assessed at 112-Hides 1-Virgate,  Ixhill (Tichesele) at 116-Hides 3-Virgates, and Waddesdon Hundred at 89-Hides 3-Virgates.  The distinctive names of the Hundreds of Ixhill & Waddesdon gradually became obsolete, and only 4-References to them have been found in the 16th & 17thCs, the latest occurring in 1665.

Of the names given in the List of Parishes & Hamlets, those of Hogshaw, Fulbrook, Kingswood, Boarstall, Kingsey, Pitchcott, Westcott & Woodham are not found in the Domesday SurveyTowersey occurs as Eie, & Boarstall, Kingsey & Kingswood were later subdivisions of the Royal Domain of Brill. The following places mentioned in Domesday are not included in the List: Beachendon in Waddesdon Parish, Sortelai formerly in Shipton Lee, Addingrove in Oakley. Most of the names of the 31 Parishes occur in 16th-century assessment lists, and all are enumerated in some belonging to the 17thC.

The Court Leet of the Bailiwick was held twice yearly usually at Towersey. All actions under 40s might be Tried & Determined at the Court held every 3-weeks at Brill.

In 1665 a Grant of the Ashendon Hundred was made to Queen Katherine subject to a 31-yrs’ lease Granted to Robert Dormer in 1662.

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