Aston Rowant Schools

A Sunday School had been set up shortly before 1787 and by 1802 there were 2-Sunday Schools.  The Vicar & a few Parishioners supported them in 1815, one with 12-children was at Aston Rowant, the other with 30-children was at Kingston Blount.  By 1818 the Dissenters had set up another Sunday School. There were 100-children in the 3-Schools in 1818 & 140 in 1833.  No mention was made of the Dissenters’ School in 1834 when there were 2-Church Sunday Schools with 100-Children. 

Brigadier General John Caillaud, (b.1726British Raj 1775 retired to Aston Rowant & died in December 1812) the Squire, supported a Voluntary Charity School for Girls in 1771 & 1784.  It was said not to exist by 1787 but apparently was restarted, for later Overseers’ Accounts record Payments for Charity Scholars & Schooling.  It may have been the Day-school mentioned in 1808.  At a Vestry Meeting at Easter 1813, it was unanimously decided that a School supported by the Parish should be established as soon as a proper House could be procured. The Teacher was to be allowed £20 out of the Poor Rates.  By 1818, however, there were said to be only 3Lacemaking Schools, where girls were also taught to Read. There was no Instruction for Boys.  The Lacemaking Schools still existed in 1833, but by that time 3Day-Schools had been started.  One was a National School, apparently started for girls only and supported by Lady Lambert: in 1833 it had 27-girls and it seems that 12-boys also attended it. Two other Schools had 30-Children. The children began School when they were 6-yrs old, the boys leaving at 10-yrs of age & the girls at 13-yrs.  The National School had a continuous History, for the present School behind Aston Green was built in 1844 as a National Mixed School on Land given by Sir Henry Lambert, (5th Baronet b.5th Aug 1792, d. 17th Dec 1858) Lord of the Manor, & Others.  There were 50-Scholars in 1853 and 60 from 1871 to 1894, including children from Crowell.  The School was enlarged in 1891 and 90 Children attended in 1903.  In 1931 it was reorganised as a Junior School for Children under 11-yrs; the Seniors were sent by Bus to Chinnor. It became a controlled Church of England School in 1951 & in 1955 was attended by 23-Children.

Aston Rowant School Jubilee 1977: Gavin Fowler 5th Right 3rd Row up
Aston Rowant School Pupils c.1979: Charis Fowler 4th from Right 3rd Row

There was an Infant School in Kingston Blount by 1881, and it was attended by 33-Children in 1894.  There is no record of it after 1903.

There were 2 short-lived other Schools in the 19thC, a Private School for 20-children in 1871 and a Night School in 1867.

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